In the spirit of making things easier for our clients, we have developed a list of frequently asked questions and answers regarding our operation and work style. If you have a question that is not addressed here, Please contact us directly.

Q: When does Sunshines Catering need my final guest count? Can I adjust my count the day before the event?
A: Guaranteed guest counts are required three business days before your event. You may increase your counts up to two days prior to the event: however we cannot accept decreases in guest counts within three business days of your event.

Q: How can I be assured that my event will get the necessary attention it deserves if you have several parties on that same day?
A: Sunshines Catering limits the number of special events that we will cater on any one day to preserve the high quality service we deliver to our clients. This unique policy ensures that your event receives the ultimate degree of quality and service necessary.

Q: Why select Sunshines Catering over a restaurant that also does catering?
A: We eat at many great restaurants around town that serve really good food but the choice should be simple for you. Catering is all we do! You get our dedication, our experience, and our full attention when we cater your event. You don’t have to worry that our best chefs and service staff will be busy at a restaurant the night of your most important event, as is the case with most restaurants that also do catering. Your Sunshines Catering staff is always our best staff . With our dedicated chefs, wait staff, bartenders, director of operations, and finely tuned systems that consistently work off site, is there really any other choice?

Q: We need to postpone our event with the hope of holding it on a later day. What will happen to our deposit?
A: Although most deposits are non-refundable, we will gladly apply your deposit towards a new date.