No space? No idea where to look? No time to start seaching? No Problem, Sunshines Catering can help match your special event's distinct flavor with the ultimate surroundings.

Your Company
(Office, Warehouse, Townhouse, UpTown, DownTown, Wherever it may be) Do you have a great company space for entertaining the whole staff? Maybe you do and you don't even realize it! We'll help you figure it out. Create an illusion by setting a theme, bring in decor to support your theme as well as plan a menu that can complete the whole thing! We assist you in planning a great event while using your fantastic entertaining space right where you are. Have your staff dress accordingly to really get them in the mood. We have so many idea, just not the space here to tell you all of them. Call Us, We just love a party!

Your Home
We’ll make you feel right at home! Oh, you are at home? How convenient. We will come in and take over as much as you like (except for watching the kids, walking the get the picture). We can take care of rentals, linens and beverages. Even cook and serve from your kitchen or set one up elsewhere, such as a garage, utility room, etc. And, we can also serve, bartend, pass hors d’ oeuvres and clean up everything afterwards!

Your Outdoor Space
We love outdoor events, whether it’s in a pretty park setting, a beautiful green front or backyard, a lakefront or sandy shore, or even your company’s parking lot! Of course, the first thing we think about here in Maryland when planning an outdoor event is the weather. Well, not to worry. We have a great relationship with Mother Nature as well as with a terrific tenting company - We can put a tent up just about anywhere. And things, such as flooring, lighting, walls, air conditioning or heat are available. Why worry about 300 people cramming into your family room. Take the party outside...we’ll bring the food.

Other Venues
Mary’s Hope on Church Cove. The perfect choice for weddings, receptions and other special events. Comfortably rising along the banks of Church Cove off St. Inigoes Creek, Mary’s Hope is the perfect solution for your celebration. The house offers 6000 square feet with acres of spacious grounds, boasting beautiful Southern Maryland vistas and glorious sunsets. Visit for more information.